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Our MOT station in Reading is able to test both cars and vans, for full details of the complete MOT service please see MOT Testing where you can book online or if you prefer to speak to somebody please do call us during office hours.

The MOT Test

If your vehicle is over three years old it must have a current MOT certificate, unless it is exempt.

During the test our approved technician will check various elemnts of your vehichle to make sure it is safe as well as checking the toxic emissions that could harm the environment.

MOT Changes

In MAY 2018 new defect types and stricker rules for diesel emissions were introduced

1. Defects

Faults on your vehicle will now fall into four categories.

Advisory: It could become more serious in the future.

Monitor and repair it if necessary.

Minor: No significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or impact on the environment.

Repair as soon as possible.

Major: It may affect the vehicle’s safety, put other road users at risk or have an impact on the environment.

Repair it immediately.

Dangerous: A direct and immediate risk to road safety or has a serious impact on the environment.

Do not drive the vehicle until it’s been repaired.

Your vehicle will fail the MOT if it has any Major or Dangerous defects

2. Diesel emissions

There are stricter limits for emissions from diesel cars with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The DPF captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce emissions from diesel cars.

Your vehicle will get a major fault if the MOT tester:

1. Can see smoke of any colour coming from the exhaust
2. Finds evidence that the DPF has been tampered with

3. New things included in the MOT

They include checking:

  • if tyres are obviously underinflated
  • if the brake fluid has been contaminated
  • for fluid leaks posing an environmental risk
  • brake pad warning lights and if brake pads or discs are missing
  • reversing lights on vehicles first used from 1 September 2009
  • headlight washers on vehicles first used from 1 September 2009 (if they have them)
  • daytime running lights on vehicles first used from 1 March 2018 (most of these vehicles will have their first MOT in 2021 when they’re 3 years old)

Please contact our friendly team if you have any concerns about the safety of your vehicle

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